Packing your bag for the show.

First things first, what you need to take along to your figure competition.  I recommend a small travel suitcase with wheels.  After spending days applying protan you don't need to rub it off carry a bag across your shoulder. 
Here's the list to put inside your bag.
1.  Your 1-piece and 2-piece suit in a ziplock bag that way your crystal don't get ruined   $$$
2.  Makeup essentials-matching foundation, complimenting eyeshadows, lipstick and gloss
3.  Extra jewelry--just in case and your nice BLING for the night show
4.  Bikini Bite
5.  Protan and brush for touch ups
6.  Hot stuff and latex gloves for application
7.  Hair stuff--accessories, spray, curling iron (if you plan on doing it there) brush/comb
8.  Heels and flip-flops
9.  Dark colored velour suit
10. Resista-bands
11. Water and Gatorade for after the show
12. Rice Cakes and dried fruit to snack on
With all this in your bag you'll be set for perfection and ready for your show.  Good Luck!!
Information provided by Cindy Beard. 

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