OCB Bodybuilding Guidelines




Bodybuilding judging takes four elements into account: Muscularity (size), Definition (leanness), Symmetry, and Presentation (ability to display development during posing in the group comparisons).


Group Comparisons


Competitors will first be asked to stand with heels together and to perform quarter turns (turning right) so the judges can assess them for symmetry and proportion from the front, left, right, and back views. For the front and rear views, competitors should keep their arms in a natural position, not angled out excessively. During the side views, competitors should keep both feet flat on the floor and face the same direction that their feet are pointing. The upper body should not be twisted more than a 15-degree angle. The front arm should remain at the side, and the rear arm should not be pulled forward across the torso in an attempt to show more width (arm does not achieve that, slightly twisting the upper torso does).


After the quarter turn presentations, competitors will be directed through a series of poses that can consist of the following:



Front Double Biceps

Front Lat Spread                                       

Left Side Chest

Left Side Triceps

Rear Double Biceps (either heel spiked to show calf)

Rear Lat Spread (either heel spiked to show calf)

Right Side Chest

Right Side Triceps

Hands over Head Abs (hands behind head, one leg ext.)

Hands on Thighs Most Muscular

Crab Most Muscular (male only)

Hamstrings Curl

Double Calf Raise

Side Serratus

Single Quadriceps

Ballerina Stance (female only)


The judges may ask to see certain competitors together and change the order of the line up at any time during group comparisons, and may request to see certain poses again for closer comparison of select individuals. The group comparisons portion for a class concludes once all judges are finished scoring all competitors.


Individual Routine


Competitors will individually perform a posing routine to music of their choice. Costumes and/or props are encouraged to enhance the entertainment value of the routines, but are not required. Any attire used should still accomplish presenting the physique. Routines are limited to 60 seconds. The individual routine is not factored into scoring. Routines count towards consideration for Best Poser awards when offered.




Each judge assigns one score in the form of rank during group comparisons, such as 1st through 7th place for example. A highest and lowest rank for each competitor is dropped as a safeguard against bias (whether conscious or subconscious) either for, or against a particular competitor by a particular judge, and also to safeguard against human error. The remaining judges placements are summed, and the lowest sum receives first place in the class. Second lowest sum receives 2nd place, and so on. If a tie occurs, placements are decided by the tie-breaker guidelines.


Additional information:

Thong suits are not permitted. Music selections should not contain profane or offensive material.



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