Bikini competitio​n basics: Chemical hair removal


The benefits of using a chemical hair removal product are that you can do so quickly and from the comfort of your own home. 


Before you take the stage for your first NPC bikini competition, perfecting your presentation is key. As well as evaluating every inch of your physique, the judges will also make their decisions based on the overall impact you leave on them. To really convey an unforgettable confidence and vitality on stage, you have to feel great about how you look. This means selecting a posing suit you love, practicing your walk again and again in your clear competition shoes and making sure your tan is uniform and flawless.

As we've reviewed in previous post, removing your body hair is an essential piece of bikini competition prep, since doing so will make your tan more uniform - and you don't want a gleam of stubble to catch the eye of the judges! So far, we've listed the pros and cons of shaving and waxing, and today we will look at chemical hair removal.

Chemical hair removal may be the most volatile method of achieving smooth, tan-ready skin, as a woman's skin can react to these products in a number of ways. As such, notes that this is probably the least popular hair removal option among competitors. Products like Nair and Bikini Zone work by dissolving your body hair upon application.

The benefits of using a chemical hair removal product that you can do so quickly and from the comfort of your own home. Just coat your body with the cream and wipe it off after the set period. Bear in mind that these products can cause redness and bumps, especially if you aren't used to them. If you do decide to go this route, get plenty of practice before competition time - and brace yourself for their often-pungent smell!

Not sure which hair removal method is right for you? Why not test them out on a few small patches of skin? Just make sure you do so well before your next bikini competition, so you will have plenty of time to recover from any mishaps.

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