Enhance your workout with the power of juice

Not satisfied with merely summing up the biggest fads of 2012, news outlets across the country have begun releasing their predictions for the fitness trends that are likely to hold strong in 2013. And there is one particularly popular process that nutrition experts say has lasting power: juicing.

Maybe you experimented with a juicing cleanse at some point this year, or routinely turn to brands like Naked or Odwalla to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. Either way, there is a good chance that you've enjoyed a nutrient-rich smoothie at some point in 2012. According to Barron's, a financial publication, the market for organic juice products has expanded dramatically in the last year, morphing into an industry worth $5 billion.

"The latest craze is best viewed as part of a national move [...] toward healthier eating and greater consumption of raw and organic produce," the source reports, "in this case, conveniently packaged and easily quaffed on the run."

If you're currently in the midst of training for a figure competition, certain juices can do a lot to help enhance your overall performance. It may not sound delectable, but beetroot juice has been clinically shown to increase the speed and stamina of a group of cyclists in a 2011 study.

Of course, if drinking a cool glass of liquified beets just isn't your thing, there are ways to dress up this beverage to increase its nutritional value and delight your taste buds.

For instance, FitSugar recommends a delicious concoction made by tossing a few beets - leaves and all - into a juicer with celery stalks, lemon, apple and, if you're really dedicated to your bikini or figure competition diets, spinach. For the full recipe, click here. Then, after enjoying this brightly hued beverage, you'll be ready to hit the gym!

Extract: The juice trend has lasting power, say nutrition experts and economists.

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