How core training can hone your posing skills

If you have spent any time in the gym, you probably know a thing or two about core training. This set of exercises is intended to target a vast group of interacting muscles that include your abdominals, glutes, psoas - all located around your trunk and pelvis. And, while common routines like crunches and planks can strengthen a few of these elements, enhancing your whole core requires a comprehensive series of workouts.

Exercising your inner core can enhance the appearance of your abs, which is just one of many benefits that stem from strengthening your trunk and pelvic muscles. The Mayo Clinic points out that the muscles that make up your core play an integral role in improving your overall balance and stability. As a testament to that fact, many professional dancers work tirelessly to keep these muscles in shape. Plus, if you've ever taken to the stage in sky-high clear competition shoes, it should be immediately clear how this aspect can enhance your performance.

From a body competition standpoint, targeting your core is great because it improves your posture, so you can stand that much taller in your posing suit. It may not sound like much, but when you're on stage with a group of equally toned competitors, it might be the minutest details that earn you a coveted pro card.

Singling out your core muscles through exercises like abdominal leg presses, quadrupeds and the classic bridge may also increase the effectiveness of the rest of your workout. That's because they stabilize the rest of your muscles and promote general fluidity of movement.

So, if your physique, bikini or fitness competition prep primarily involves cardio and weight training exercises, take another look at your typical workout routine and make some room for core-focused activities.

Extract: If you have spent any time in the gym, you probably know a thing or two about core training.

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