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Bikini competition tips from an NPC Nationals judge | Fitness Pro Direct Blog

Bikini competition tips from an NPC Nationals judge

Though the NPC Nationals in Atlanta have come and gone, new competitors can still learn a lot from this high-profile event, even if they didn't attend. That's because, along with details about the winning contestants – all of whom can now compete on a professional level – NPC Online has also shared comments from Sandy Williamson, head judge for the women's bikini competition.

In contrast to bodybuilding, physique and figure competitions, the judges in bikini competitions often favor a curvier, more feminine look. This preference was reflected in Williamson's comments about the top two competitors in each bikini class.

While 21-year-old Francine Slobodnik placed first in Class A, she still has some work to do before she can really make a name for herself in the IFBB, says Williamson.

"Her overall look catches your eye," the NPC official notes, "[but] she needs to add a little more curviness and fullness to her body to compete at the next level."

Meanwhile, Williamson also emphasized the importance of your overall stage presence. Angela Skeels was deemed the overall winner in the competition, and a lot of that came down to how hard she worked on her posing.

"She’s the hallmark of what stage presence can do to help improve your placing," according to Williamson, who noted how "drastically" Skeeles had transformed since the USA competition in July. "Hair, makeup, color, suit, presence – everything was so much better."

All in all, coming out on top in a bikini competition is not just about having the tightest glutes or tautest tummy. Most, if not all, of the other girls on stage have trained just as hard as you have. Everything from the cut of your posing suit to the evenness of your tan contributes to your overall impact on the judges, so, in the midst of competition training, make time to perfect these elements too!


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